Friday, 30 September 2011

Google Earth: See the Trip View Bowls

Coming out of Taiwan each year, "Trip View Bowls" are popular works of art that show aerial artwork of a city, drawn onto the inside of a blue bowl. The artwork is quite impressive and amazingly detailed. TripViewBowl_GuanXi.jpg   The first is a tour (KMZ) that shows the bowl, then swoops around and shows the entire earth inside the bowl, then dives back down to Taipei again. If you turn on the [3D Buildings] layer, you'll see that he's aligned it quite well (though the 3D coverage in Taipei is still quite weak). peeking-over-bowl.png Here is a quick video of the tour if you aren't able to access Google Earth right now: The second is a huge 3D model of the earth sitting inside of the bowl (KMZ). There's not much to do with it, but it's a crazy sight to see and certainly one of the largest 3D models I've ever seen. ge-in-tvb.jpg Lastly is a very high-res look at the imagery on the inside of the bowl, viewable using the Google Earth photo viewer (KMZ). As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the artwork inside the bowl is remarkably detailed, and this file really helps to show that. inside-bowl.jpg

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