Wednesday, 28 December 2011

"Ocean" layer in Google Earth

NewOceanFolderGE.jpgAs Google continues to add more content to the various Layers in Google Earth, they often take time to reorganize things a little bit. This time it's the "Ocean" layer that's been somewhat shifted around. In particular: • Some items have been moved to the Earth Gallery, including the "Marie Tharp Historical Map", "MBA: Seafood Watch", "MCS: Fish to Eat", "Human Impacts", "Arctic Sea Ice", "Sea Surface Temperature" and "Ocean Expeditions". • The "ARKive: Endangered Ocean Species" layer is now turned on by default, and shown as purple circles on the globe. • "Ocean Observations" has been moved to the [Weather] folder. In all, it's a nice group of changes. It seems that Google has tried to simplify the [Ocean] layer quite a bit to make it easier for new users to dig in. I'm not sure how many people use the [Earth Gallery] feature, but perhaps this will encourage more people to check it out.

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