Saturday, 7 January 2012

3D tours of Mount Urgull in San Sebastian

  Last year, we showed you some incredible 3D models in Spain built by Peterg Pedro Domecq, otherwise known as 'Gipuzkoa3d'. He's back again with some more excellent models, this time with a great tool to show them off.   urgull.jpg  Urgull is a hill in the heart of San Sebastian, Spain, and was a defense point in the 12th century, with walls and military structures installed in the 16th centry. It also saw some action in various wars in 1813, 1823, 1836 and 1876. The city council now owns it. When you visit Urgull3D, you'll find quite a few ways to explore the area. There are options down the right side to fly you to various aspects of it; clicking the name will fly you there, and checking the box will display the clickable icon on the map for more info.   house.jpg  Even better, you can use the links at the very top of the page to view historical maps (standard historical imagery), adjust the time of day (sunlight), and get a few smooth tours of the area. Go check it out, as it's a great way to explore the area!

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