Thursday, 2 June 2011

YouTube @ Google I/O: The iframe Player API

Google I/O 2011 may be over, but all the great developer information lives on! We want to start our recap of YouTube-related I/O activities by highlighting our developer presentation entitled “YouTube’s iframe Player: The Future of Embedding”.
The session features Jeff Posnick and Jarek Wilkiewicz from the YouTube Developer Relations team, and Greg Schechter, one of the engineers who works on the iframe Player and its API. Topics covered include the development of the iframe Player, challenges related to exposing an API on an iframe element, differences between the ActionScript 3 Player API and the iframe Player API, and real-world example applications that use the new API.

The full video of the session is embedded below (using the iframe Player, of course), and the slides from the talk are available if you’d prefer to read along with the presentation. Be sure to check out the sample web application (along with its source) that illustrates iframe Player API usage as well!

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