Thursday, 21 July 2011

Open Call for Google Developer Day

Registration for our first set of Google Developer Day (GDD) events in Latin America will begin in two weeks, with the remaining six events following shortly thereafter. As in years past, the application process requires each developer to complete a short questionnaire and optional Developer Quiz.

Numbers and statistics aside, we wanted to give you a way to really show us what you’re made of. So for 2011, we’re inviting our most passionate developers to participate in Open Call for Google Developer Day, for a chance to showcase your work alongside your peers from eight GDD countries around the world.

This year’s Open Call challenges will focus on the Android ADK and HTML5 platforms, while giving you a chance to show us why your GDD country rocks. No matter which challenge you choose, your submission must reflect the regional culture of the GDD that you will be attending, be this through music, creative imagery, lighting or colors--the opportunities are endless!

A panel of judges in each country will select 10 submissions from each of the challenges to be featured online and in-person at Google Developer Day. We will also take your submission into consideration when reviewing your GDD application. Remember that Open Call is an optional supplement to your GDD application, though you might get extra credit for participating. In many cases, this will also mean that you secure your spot at GDD before we open registration to the public.

The Android ADK Open Call will open on July 18 with the HTML5 Open Call following on August 1. In the meantime, start by brushing up on your skills and familiarizing yourself with the guidelines for Open Call at our nifty website.

Want more GDD news? Check back on this blog and stay tuned as we work on updating our GDD website to bring you the latest on locations, sessions and agenda. We're looking forward to seeing you at #gdd11!

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