Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Freya Stark's 1968 excursion in Afghanistan

We've mentioned Stefan Geens, who writes Ogle Earth - another blog that often writes about Google Earth, many times here on GEB. Stefan occasionally produces some amazing in-depth content using Google Earth. For example, last September he wrote an excellent piece on Kashgar, a town in west China being demolished by the government.

His latest post came about after a visit to a gift shop in London, where he discovered the book "The Minaret of Djam - An Excursion in Afghanistan" by Freya Stark. Being the avid armchair archeologist that he is, Stefan dug in deep to try to reconstruct her trip using Google Earth.


After quite a bit of work using Google Earth, GeoNames and Panoramio he was able to largely piece it back together.

To see if for yourself, you can use this KMZ file or go read Stefan's full post to learn all about how he was able to track down the details.

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