Sunday, 20 March 2011

Update on GWT support for IE9

In keeping with the GWT philosophy of making it possible to write no-compromise AJAX in any modern browser, GWT 2.3 (in progress) will support IE9. We're adding a new user.agent property "ie9" and the notion of fallback properties, so any browser-specific bindings not yet implemented in ie9 will fall back to ie8 and show a compile-time warning that a fallback impl was used.

In the mean time, you can tell IE9 to behave as IE8 by inserting the following in the head section of your GWT host page:
Assuming that IE continues to maintain backward compatibility, you may want to insert the equivalent tag for IE9 once GWT 2.3 ships in order to make your app somewhat future-proof for future IE versions. For more information on document compatibility in Internet Explorer, see

The IE9 dev mode issue reported back in Dec is fixed in GWT 2.2.0:

You can follow the status of known IE9 issues here:

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